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Stage makeup

Stage makeup is as important, traditional and effective as ballet shoes on a ballerina. Here are some tips to give you an idea how much (or little) you can put on your child! Theatre lighting is very harsh and drains the colour from the face, hence the need to accentuate eyes, lips etc.

Ages 3-6

Keep the makeup simple on these little ones!


Brown eye shadow ONLY ON EYE LID blended up to crease will frame the eye and will make their lash line look fuller. White eye shadow can be used to highlight the brow bone under the eyebrow.

No mascara necessary. No black liner as it can look harsh on these young little faces. If they will sit still long enough, use a chocolate brown pencil liner on their upper lash line. Use the same brown eye shadow under the eye as a liner (much easier to apply than using an eye pencil) but start at centre of eye and go to outside corner of eye - ONLY HALF WAY under eye to keep eyes looking large.


Take your blush brush and start at the hair line and sweep forward under cheek bone and swirl upward over apples. Blend upwards to make sure blush color does not go lower than lip line on the cheek. Blend well to avoid any harsh lines - no "punk rocker" cheeks.


Using a lip liner, fill in entire lip with liner first to keep your dancer's lipstick on longer then apply non-smudge lipstick. A rose-toned (as pictured) lipstick looks beautiful on this age.

This age group needs to be distracted when you are applying their makeup. So I usually ask them to tell me about their favourite dance and while their eyes are closed they are going to practice it while I count (and speedily apply makeup!)...5, 6, 7, 8...I continue to count while they do their dance in their head. If they are too young for this, I have them think of their favourite song and as long as I am not doing their lips, they can sing it for me while I do their eyes. Any kind of mental distraction will work so that they are not focused on the fact that you are poking them with makeup brushes.

Ages 7-12


Same as above page, but go ahead and add mascara and black liquid liner on top lash line. Colours can be applied more intensely. Add a gold eye shadow (optional) to inner corners of eye and underneath. This looks so gorgeous and makes eyes really stand out!


Same as above. You can also add some shimmer to highest part of cheekbone just under outer corner of eye to make the eyes pop and enhance the dimension of the dancer's face.


Same as above.

Ages 13 up

Same as above, add false eyelashes, eyeliner etc.


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