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Class Descriptions

Tiny Toes & Toddler Dance: we require a parent or guardian to do the class with the child. As this is a special time for you to spend with your child one on one, we ask that no other siblings please come to class unless it is a baby in a sling or capsule. 

Tiny Toes

18mths -2 years the year of enrolment

A fantastic and fun opportunity for little children to be in a dance environment with Mummy (or another guardian of course!). There is an emphasis on imagery, song and dance while the children get to use props, learn to listen and share with their friends.

Toddler Dance

Turning 3 in the year of enrolment
An introduction to movement and dance in a fun and creative environment. Classes are filled with music, singing and dancing. In terms 1 & 2 the children come to class with an adult, but in terms 3 & 4 will love gaining independence and going in on their own.


Creative Dance

Turning 4 in the year of enrolment 
A playful approach to learning dance.  Children learn many skills such as co-ordination, musicality, confidence, motor skills, concentration and following instruction.  Little emphasis is placed on technique as the main aim is to develop a love and enjoyment of dance.  This is a wonderful age for us to tap into the children’s own imaginations and creativity.


Prep Dance

Turning 5 in the year of enrolment

A more structured class introducing basic ballet technique. A musical and energetic class building on the children’s love and enjoyment of dance while learning ballet steps, starting to make lifelong friends and having fun.

R.A.D. Classical Ballet

From Pre-Primary (students Turning 6 and older in the year of enrolment) to Advanced 2 level.
An artistic form of elegant and refined movement.  Ballet training at Sayers promotes good posture, poise and strength and focuses on developing a confident and assured individual. We teach a syllabus devised for girls and boys, examined (optional) by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). This work is carefully graded to suit everyone from the very young child developing slowly and carefully to the young enthusiastic dancer to the aspiring professional student.

Adult Ballet

All adults, male or female

An opportunity for adults to enjoy ballet as well. Allowing everyone to work at their own level, this class is lots of fun and really good exercise


Open level Ballet

For students who have attained Intermediate or Advanced level (not necessarily a Sayers student)

This class is ideal for students who have given up dancing to concentrate on studies, as it only takes place once a week.


Ballet students from Grade 2 upwards

This offers the dancer emotional freedom and expression through abstract movement. 

Performance Groups

Ballet students from Primary upwards
All ballet students are welcome to join our performance groups to learn routines and dances combining steps learned in their ballet classes. In terms 1 & 2 the children work towards a dance for the Charity Concert. In terms 3 & 4 they work on an item for the End of Year Concert.

Jazz & Tap

Age 5 and up, depending on the day you attend
These are modern and energetic styles of dance combining popular music with strong and dynamic movements. The classes offer good fun and great exercise while helping students to improve their technical skills, fitness and flexibility.   Jazz and tap are an excellent combination if taken together.

Tap & Bop

Turning 4 to 5 in the year of enrolment

This is about tapping and bopping .  We will be working more on gross motor skills and less on technique, which is appropriate for this age group.

Dance Foundation

Junior or Senior levels: see timetable for ages.

A fantastic opportunity to enjoy ballet for those with limited dance experience, this class offers a mix of classical and contemporary dance.

Hip Hop

58.Sophia copy.jpg

"I took my first ballet lesson at Sayers Dance Centre in 1989 as a 4 year old. Many years later I still remember that lesson, practicing our tip toeing so that we didn't wake the sleeping fairies. I have so many good memories from my years at Sayers as a student. I made great friends who I am still in contact with today and the classical training has been of great value to my current job"

Kath Crome
Past Student and Teacher

At time of writing performing at Tokyo Disney

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